Cyber Essentials consultancy and support

Staying two steps ahead of the bad guys

We can help safeguard your business against the sneakiest security threats. Keeping your data safe, even on your employees’ personal devices.

With cyber attacks on the rise, securing your company data has never been more vital. We’re here to help you make IT systems secure, and ensure your staff understand all the ways they can help to protect your data.

We have a 100% Cyber Essentials Certification pass rate, with tried and tested methods to ensure you pass first time. We’ll be there every step of the way to support you with your application.

Get qualified in no time

Cyber Essentials is a UK government-backed IT Security standard which helps your business guard against most known types of cyber attack.

Certification reassures customers and other stakeholders that you take cyber security seriously – and many public and private sector contract tenders now require it.

With years of experience in the Cyber Essentials scheme, we are qualified to help at every stage of the certification process.

Our Cyber Essentials consultancy and support services include:

  • Cyber Essentials Gap Analysis

  • Cyber Essentials Certification
  • Cyber Essentials Plus pre-audit security testing

  • Cyber Essentials Plus Certification
  • IT Security Review

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Why choose WeDo IT Services for all your Cyber Essentials consultancy and support

Our service helps you remove uncertainty, keeping you and your business safe. And if your business needs a Cyber Essentials Certification, we can help you get everything in shape before you apply. So, nothing’s left to chance and you’re awarded your certificate without any problems or delays.

On demand access

On-demand access

Access to our team of qualified experts when you need us, at a budget level that suits you.

sophisticated approach to security

A sophisticated approach to security

We take a layered approach to security – applying the principles of the Cyber Essentials standard and good information governance practices. Our experienced consultants provide IT Infrastructure review, Cyber Essentials Gap Analysis, and Technical Data Privacy Gap Analysis to help you understand your organisation’s current position.

security experts

Security experts

Our operations team hold technical qualifications from major vendors including Microsoft and Cisco, as well as IT security and networking qualifications. Our IT infrastructure security experts, including Qualified Cyber Essentials practitioners, will help you achieve or retain compliance.

practical experience

Practical experience

Our team have a wealth of experience in designing, supporting and running datacentre, service provider, telecommunications and cloud systems.

Security and information governance experts

Security and information governance experts

We can advise you on how to improve your compliance with the security principles of Cyber Essentials, the Data Protection Act 2018 (and EU General Data Protection Regulation) and current IT best practice.

Technical details

Sorry if this gets a bit technical, but this is the technical section.

Antivirus and Security

anti virus

We bring together the power of Microsoft Defender for Office 365 and Microsoft Defender for Endpoints to bring you a multi-layered high performance network and endpoint security system, which defends your organisation against the latest security threats including Zero Day vulnerabilities, Malware, ransomware and phishing/brute force attacks. Features such as safe links ensure the legitimacy of links sent in emails even when they have been clicked on by the end user.

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